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My First Quilt – V Quilt

In the winter of 2009, I traveled to Brisbane, Australia to do some research.  While I was there, I mentioned to a friend that I had always wanted to make a quilt, but I didn’t even know how to sew, which made the whole idea of quilting a bit out of my reach.  Fortunately, this friend, KN, knew a thing or two (or many) about sewing and offered to teach me!

I started out learning the basics and the first evening, I sewed nine small squares together.  This was to be the center of my quilt. 

I later went out and bought all my fabric and batting and set to work, a few hours a week, sewing it together.  I decided to make the quilt for friends of ours that were having their first baby (a boy), so I tried to pick fabrics that were not too girly.  I picked a soft, chocolate fleece for the backing, which we also added to the front in the form of border.  The binding was done with yellow polka dot fabric and the batting was a bamboo, medium loft.  As I was new at this, the ‘quilting’ was just a small box that I stitched in the center of each square and an outline of the big squares.

When we were all done, KN also gave me a few pointers on embroidery and I was able to put the first letter of the baby’s last name in the center of the quilt (the baby was nameless at the time).  I really like how this first attempt turned out.  I was inspired by the quilts in MilkLush’s etsy store.

I think the best thing out of this whole experience though, apart from the mad skills I received from KN, was the inspiration she provided.  We would hang out in her kitchen while she made pizza dough, looked at clothing that she was thinking of making, and talked about all the things she was teaching herself to do.  KN really inspired me to not be limited by the skills I lacked, but use that idea to learn new things and create.  Something I had never done previously.  Thanks to KN, I have attempted many things since, as you will see, and although not always perfect, the things I have created have made me happy.

xo Saree