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Farmer’s Market and Library

This week, the Hamilton Farmer’s Market opened in it’s newly renovated location next to the Public Library.  We went for a visit today and I was pleasantly surprised.  The space is open and airy, with lots of glass to give you clear views of the two floors.  It seems like there are more vendors at the new location, then there were in the previous market.  The aisles did seem a bit narrow with the crowds of people there today, but it’s nice to see so many people enjoying the market.

Purchases we made: eggs, red pepper jelly, cilantro, parsley, apples, lemons, mango, coffee, and a sandwich.

There are some great photos of the market over on the Love It A Lot blog.  This gives a good view of the interior.

(Photo from Love It A Lot)

We then took a peak inside the newly renovated Public Library (visible in the distance in the photo above).  As you enter the library there are some coloured tube lights that are likely quite pretty in the evening.  There is also a living wall, with plants that look to be healthy and doing well, despite the draft from the front doors.  The first floor of the library was packed with people using computers, checking out books and studying/reading.  There is lots of attractive seating and again, an open and airy feel.  It was also nice to see the books displayed by colour (something that is also done in our home).  It really catches the eye and makes everything look clean and organized.  More photos can be found on the Love It A Lot blog here.

All in all, I really like the renovations.  It is much more inviting and all the vendors I spoke to in the market seemed pleased with the space.  The library also seems to be a hit based on the number of people we saw enjoying the space.  Good work!

xo Saree