M Quilt

I finally made a new quilt! Another friend is having a baby and the sex is going to be a surprise, so I wanted a fun, unisex quilt. I found the plus quilt from here and knew it would be a quick project and something I hadn’t tried before.  I used various fabrics from my stash and found it to be pretty easy, although it was tricky making sure everything lined up.  On this note, I’m thinking about taking some online courses from Craftsy so that I can improve technically.  Pretty much all I do is self taught, since I learned some basics from a friend, so I’m thinking I would benefit from more instruction on the ‘proper’ way to do things.

Anyway, back to the quilt.  The backing fabric is Modern Whimsy Sheep Park and it is perfect for M.  M and I were lab mates doing ruminant research together, so the sheep fit with our scene.  I quilted it using a wavy line and bound it with Dumb Dot in charcoal.  This is my first official binding since my first quilt (which was supervised).  Normally, I just fold the backing fabric around to the front, but I wanted to do the charcoal dots on this one, so I machined the binding onto the front and hand sewed it onto the back (trying to machine sew it onto the back was a disaster).  This was also my first time hand sewing and I found this video really helpful.  The hand sewing was my favourite part, believe it or not! It was so relaxing and fun.  I may need to do more binding this way.

So, there is my latest quilt.  It was full of firsts and I feel like I learned a lot.  I hope M and his wife really like it!

xo Saree


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