Oh man

Hi again.  I’m still here.  I’m just super swamped and have no time to be creative.  I have to finish my thesis by the end of next week.  I still have a week and a bit of writing to do, which means I will be writing right up until my deadline (including the weekend).  Such a bummer, but it will be nice to have it ‘done’ (I’m ignoring all the revisions, formatting, etc. that will need to be done after that, just so I can remain sane).

I was hoping to have some sewing/quilting stuff for you on Thursday after K came over to work on her quilt, but I had a migraine and had to cancel.  I’m really bummed about that because K is sooooo close to having a quilt done.  Her quilt top is pretty much finished and she bought some backing fabric, so it’s time to put the whole thing together.  We’re going to aim for next Thursday, so hopefully I’ll have an update then.

So, sorry I haven’t been here.  I promise to be back when I’m done writing and actually work on some projects.  I’ll still have song Saturday and picture Sunday, and I’ll try to post a really good recipe too.

Until next time!

xo Saree



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