I knew it! At about 4:30pm the guys came down and said, “Can we come on Saturday?” Apparently the glue isn’t dry enough to apply the grout, so bright and early Saturday morning they are coming back to, hopefully, finish.  I’m glad I’m home during the renovation to give my opinion and ask questions, but the part that is unfortunate is that A took vacation this week because it is Reading Week at both our universities.  We haven’t done anything during this week though since the renos are going on and I’ve had manuscript revisions.  So, here we are on our vacation, hanging out at home.  We were hoping to maybe do something tomorrow, but now there are still renovations.  I feel bad, but we did go out for dinner tonight, so that’s something.

Anyway, back to the renovations.  All the tile is now up.  They removed and replaced the tile that we had questions about.  They also added some edging so that the corners look better.  I’m hoping it will all come together tomorrow and we can post an ‘after’ photo.  I think Ally will be really happy when they are done too.

xo Saree



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