I missed the end of day 2 for pictures, so we’ll go with the beginning of day 3.  Day 2 was a messy and long day.  The guys were here 2-8pm and with the tile cutting and everything else they did, dust was all over.  They came out of the bathroom completely white.

After they left, we went into the bathroom to poke around a bit more thoroughly and noticed some tile cuts that weren’t so nice and some edges that didn’t match up.  Additionally, some of the tiles that they had just put up were sliding a bit.  Not good.  We tried to straighten out the ones we saw.  We also decided, looking at how things stood, that we should exchange our grey grout for white grout, so that any imperfections would be easily hidden.  So, at 9pm we headed out to Lowe’s to make the exchange.  When we returned we swept and mopped up some of the dust, just to keep it under control.  A also bought a new light switch at Lowe’s and he has dreams of having a new plate installed over top of the tile.

This morning we brought some of our concerns to the attention of the guys and they went about rectifying the situation.  They re-cut tiles and improved some of the edging, making it look much better.  They say they’ll be done today, but I’m waiting to see if that will actually happen.  It will be nice to have it all done.

There is more to come.  You can follow along in pictures here.

xo Saree


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