Red & Aqua Quilt

I jumped on the bandwagon last year with the red and aqua quilt trend and started a large quilt.  This was the first quilt I did on my own and for some reason, I decided to go big.  I started in 2009 with some Wonderland fabric by MoMo and then added from there.  I cut big blocks and sewed them together, doing a few, then taking a break.  We moved house in December 2009 and I brought the pieces with me.  Little by little it came together.  In the meantime, I made the E quilt and the iPhone case, but I continued to come back to this quilt.

When I got to the point that I wanted to sew my strips of blocks together, I realized that it was too busy and so, I added some strips of white.  When that was done and it was all together, I took it to the bedroom and laid the quilt top on the bed.  It was too small! So, back to the sewing room I went and added more squares, all the way around.  By this point, I was ready to be done with it.  I took a break and looked for a backing fabric.  The backing fabric that I settled on is a gorgeous faded blue printed queen size sheet.  I found it at Zeller’s and it came in a package of 2 sets of sheets and 4 pillowcases.  I was tempted to let it go, but the sheets were really soft and the fabric was perfect, so I went for it.

I was ready to put it all together in December 2010 and after going back to the store for another 100 pins and some spray adhesive, I set up at the dining table to straight line quilt.  I will admit that there was a lot of frustration involved and a lot of tearing out stitches to keep it from puckering and shifting.  I wasn’t completely successful on this front and I may have shed a tear or two in the process, but as A told me “it doesn’t have to be perfect”.  This was my first quilt on my own, this quilt was massive, and it was all new to me.  Plus, I’m keeping it, so A was right, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  I wrapped the backing around to form the binding and I was done!

We recently decorated our guestroom in blues and reds and this quilt fits in perfectly (although I’ve been stealing it on cold nights for myself).

I learned a lot on this quilt and I’m glad I finished it.  As time goes by, the imperfections seem to fade too :).  As a last note, I’d like to thank Rita from Red Pepper Quilts for this post, which provided the inspiration for this quilt.  Rita is amazingly talented and I love everything she makes!

xo Saree


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