Cat Cushion

We bought an Expedit bookcase from Ikea for our living room this past spring and thought leaving a cubbyhole open for the cat would solve our cat furniture dilemma.  A didn’t want to have a cat bed for Ally since all the affordable ones were not the most attractive.  We decided that the cubby would provide privacy and a spot of her own, which is out of the way.  To make it more comfortable for her, I decided to make her a cushion.  I took a cat mat that we already owned and cut it to fit the space.  I then took four of my favourite green fabrics and stitched them together to make the top of the cushion.  I cut brown fleece for the back and sewed them together like a pillowcase, leaving a hole to insert the mat into the cover, while being able to still remove the cover for washing.

When it was all done, I put it in the cubby and patiently waited for Ally to use it.  I tried luring her into the spot with treats and catnip, but she wasn’t game.  I really wanted to see her use the cushion before I left for a research trip, but she held out on me.  Finally, when I was in a different country, A emailed me this photo:

A also told me that Ally seemed to like it more on the other side of the cushion where the fleece is, and that is how she uses it now.  She likes it so much that when I went to photograph that side, she magically appeared to lay on it.  You get the idea.  So, if you are thinking of doing something similar for your cat, save your nice fabric and just use fleece.

xo Saree


Comments on: "Cat Cushion" (1)

  1. I think your cat is lucky to have you and A. Perhaps her name should be Lucky?

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