E Quilt

My cousin (E) was having a baby and I knew right away that I wanted to make her a quilt.  This was only my second attempt and the first one on my own, so I was a bit nervous, but I hoped that she would appreciate the effort I put into making it for her.  E and her husband wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise, so I was on another quest for gender neutral fabric.  I got my mom to find out from E’s mom what colour the nursery was painted and any more details she could get.  I then set my colour scheme as grey and yellow.  I found some really great Circa 50, Tufted Tweets, and Zoology fabric from fabricshoppe (Etsy) that I had been keeping my eye on, and I got a vintage flannel sheet from TheTinThimble (Etsy) that had my colours.  Since I was using a flannel sheet as the backing fabric, I decided to not use batting and sew the whole thing inside out like a pillowcase and then sew around the edges when it was right side out.  I also decided to add just a bit of padding to it by appliquing small squares of fabric onto the bigger squares and stuffing them with batting.  It looked great and so I washed and dried it and examined the result.  Since the batting was not sewn to anything (just layered inside the applique), the batting had balled up.  I decided to try to flatten it out and sew it in place with one stitch in the center of the block.  I’m not exactly thrilled with this little detail.  If I was to do it again, I would use the loose stuffing, instead of a piece of flat batting.  Lesson learned.

The finished product looked good, I think.  E seemed to really like it and when she posted photos of the baby (a girl) coming home from the hospital in her car seat, there was my quilt to keep her warm! That makes me really happy!

Thanks to Dad for snapping this photo with his iPhone.  This quilt would have escaped without a picture otherwise!

xo Saree


Comments on: "E Quilt" (1)

  1. Nice post Saree…love your blog and photos. You are the supreme quilter!

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